A little bit about Paloma Candy

A little bit about Paloma

Paloma Candy is a fun, online, family operated business located in Noosa on the beautiful Sunshine Coast QLD.
We pride ourselves in offering a unique and affordable gifting experience like no other. When you open one of our gift boxes, we know that you will thoroughly enjoy every moment, including the incredible taste of our boutique candy.... Only the best candy is sourced, and jam packed into our decorative and elegant cubes.

As well as redesigning our amazing themed gift boxes, we have expanded into customising our candy cubes for weddings, events and corporate thank you gifts. Creating and personalising these beautiful treats for your special day is what brings us so much joy.
We have also been busy searching for, taste-testing, and developing lots of new candy cube flavours for you all to savour... 21 new flavours in fact! You will see these new flavours as well as some brand-new gift boxes showcasing this coming week. With all of this amazing behind the scenes action, including building an awesome new website, we have been busy! That’s really not too bad for a FIFO family.

Recently we have had the pleasure of working with some amazing talent in our industry, and even through this challenging Covid time, they have been nothing short of amazing. The comradery and support we have experienced and encountered has been extremely inspiring, and we are blessed to be a part of this community of like-minded small businesses here on the Sunshine Coast. Weddings and many other events may have come to a stand-still in recent months, but these local online businesses have banded together to support one another. A big shout out to all involved, we say Thank You! We love you!, and WE ALL GOT THIS!

Covid 19 has been an incredibly testing time for everyone. For us, it has been an opportunity to take stock of what really matters... our family. With me-Dad (more about me and the family later) already working FIFO for 6 months of the year at sea on an Oil Rig, spending even more time away has been extremely difficult. 
As I currently write this, it is Father’s Day, and like many other dads I am in Perth, on my fourth round of isolation this year in preparation for a 4-5 week stint in the Timor Sea. So to all the dads out there doing what is required for your families, we applaud the work you are doing. Also to the mums at home, we know that it is hard at both ends and we really appreciate the support. Let's also spare a thought especially to the people doing it tough in our home State, Victoria. We understand as much as anyone that it is not easy, but unfortunately this is just what has to be done at the moment. Hopefully better times are not too far away. 

Like many others I am lucky that there is a strong woman at home holding down the fort. Without Sandi's creative input, her many ideas, and basically running the business while I am absent, you would not get any of your delicious lollies, and we would not be possible! So a big THANK YOU to that amazing mother...

Now with all this idle isolation time, what shall we do?
Give Paloma a real push, and have a go at making it our primary source of income. So, I’m off to build this new website and learn a heap about marketing so we can grow our business and hopefully soon I can live a semi normal life doing what I love along side my beautiful family in Queensland, even if this Covid situation becomes our strange new normal.

Are we crazy? Maybe!
Do people look at us like we’ve lost it? Yes!
Will it work? With a strong belief that anything is possible!
At some stage in the next year we hope and believe that Paloma will be big enough to have me home permanently. 
Stay tuned for future blog posts and join us on our sweet candy filled journey.

Lots of sweet Paloma love

Matt #candyman

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  • Matt 06:00 PM

    Great work Matt, good read! Fingers crossed you can get out of the oil industry and sell some delicious candy full time. ;)

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