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Oh Hey Sugar...

Online gift boxes have become the worlds go-to gift in 2020, and Australian company Paloma Candy have not only established themselves as candy connoisseurs, but they're also coming up with some sweetly satisfying combinations. Picked and packed by hand in QLD, and sealed in a regal cube with gold finishings, Paloma candy's delightful selections are bursting with freshness, and are sure to please not only the heart but also the most sophisticated palette.

Paloma Candy offers an extra special range of candy gift boxes with an exciting array of peculiar names. Such as Unicorn Kisses...

Unicorn Kisses is every bit as magical and mythical as you could imagine. The 6 cube boutique candy gift box is $49au plus shipping, and will have your mystical imagination running wild with majestic visions of Unicorn escapades.

What's Inside...

Inside you'll find 6 individual candy flavour's suited to the boxes theme.

Unicorn Poop: A scattering array of tiny colour, with immense flavour. These barrels of crumbly candy are bursting with fruity tang. They also include the much loved musk flavour.

Unicorn Pearls: These glossy candy coated chocolate pearls add a little crunchy crackle to a smooth and creamy centre. Your only dilemma will be whether to crunch, or savour and absorb the creaminess of the chocolate.
Fairy Floss Martini : Colourfully speckled jelly beans with a crispy coating and a smooth jelly centre. These indulgent and sugary delights have a rich vanilla kick, leaving a lingering taste.
I Chews You: Simply refreshing and moreish these mini fruity chews are crispy on the outside and have a chewy centre. Including flavours such as apple, and lemon, as well as bubblegum. Each one is a sweet surprise.
Unicorn Kisses: These heart shaped marshmallows are everything you would expect from a unicorn kiss. Sweet, soft, and everlasting. The marshmallow is fluffy and light, with just the right amount of stretch.

Unicorn Food: Sugary coated bars of chewy and fruity flavoured soft candy. Sweet meets sour in this colourful combination, which would leave any majestic creatures heart content.


Sweetly Yours

Stacey xx

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