Where did the Boozy Bears go?

Where did the Boozy Bears go?

Have you noticed something missing lately? It's not just your imagination - the stock shortages and international export changes during covid have wreaked havoc on our beloved candy range. Yes, that means those unique and quirky flavours we all know and love are in jeopardy. But fear not, candy connoisseurs, there's still hope for our sweet tooth cravings!

What Happened to Our Candy?

It's a candy lover's worst nightmare! The global pandemic caused disruptions in the supply chain, making it harder for our favourite candies to make their way to us and we are still seeing the onflow effect. It's like a candy apocalypse!

Flavour Fiascos: Where Did the Unique Flavours Go?

Remember those out-of-this-world Boozy Bears that made our taste buds dance with delight? Well, they are hard to come by these days. No more exotic fruit twists or bizarre combinations that we've come to adore. It's a flavour fiasco!

Don't Despair, Candy Lovers!

But all hope is not lost, dear candy enthusiasts! While the candy landscape has changed and we have lost count of how long we have gone without... But, there is hope! We have introduced new boozy themed flavours and heard a rumour the Bears are on their way back to Australian shores.

We have searched everywhere, and we literally mean everywhere for a Candy creator who can match our missing delights - no one hit our high standards. So, we wait. 

The next time you find yourself searching for a flavour that has disappeared, remember that we're all in this together. We are consulting the candy gods daily to get these flavours back! The stock shortages and flavour fiascos may have thrown us a curveball, but with a little creativity and a lot of sugar, we can overcome any candy catastrophe. Stay sweet, candy lovers!

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